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scenes of panicking gals and with young children women among forty three killed in israel's offensive against the palestinian territories. germany investigates defense ministry workers suspected of spying for the u.s. just days after another alleged double agent working for its supposed was discovered in berlin. civilian seek safety in eastern ukraine as government forces lay siege to the region's biggest cities using a blockade and deadly shelling. that's
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just gone ten pm this wednesday night here in moscow thanks for tuning into r.t. international i'm going to know neal we start with israel so named militant operation in gaza which is causing panic among ordinary palestinians caught in the crossfire just to warn you the following images coming up you may find distressing . it was was that a v.o.a. yeah oh oh. oh oh. oh oh oh or. are. oh oh oh oh darling move and what you're seeing now in the background is the consequences of an operation
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that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has called the genocide at least eight children are among the forty three civilians killed on the i.d.f. is ramping up its offensive with the use of warplanes and rockets against residential areas artie's paul asli reports from the israeli palestinian border i'm standing here in the southern israeli town of ashkelon a short time ago there were sirens sounding on the beach which is a short distance from where i'm standing and we can also constantly hear the now the explosions of air strikes on gaza which is just a short distance behind me the israelis insist that they are targeting the military infrastructure ogham us but the problem is when you have innocent bystanders when you consider part of that infrastructure to be the homes of hamas leaders then it's inevitable that the number of people that are not involved in this conflict essentially civilians are going to be killed hospitals there are reporting that they have been pushed to emergency mode and that they struggling to cope with the
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number of people that are being brought in certainly the offensive at this stage seems to be heating up almost by the minute we're hearing from israel's defense minister that they plan to expand the operation and we're hearing from the amassed leadership that if indeed israel does not cease with its airstrikes it to well expand the operation there is a particular concern amongst israel. rockets now have reached as far as jerusalem and tel aviv these long range rockets bring a whole new dimension to the conflict meaning that it does not limit itself to only the south of the now egypt is still playing a mediate people a spokesperson for the highland government say that they are intensifying their efforts but at the moment it seems as if the cease fire is far from anyone's mind if anything the mood on the ground is that we're hitting close to a full out war. that's the scuffs the situation further with mario from sin from the movement for international solidarity mario what are the possible consequences of military action on the humanitarian situation in gaza. i
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think we can refer to the situation we saw six years ago almost. cost of let we saw it was a disastrous situation not only with the many killed but also for all the sanitary situation in the gaza strip so if it continues like this escalating i think we have to prepare for the worst you know you took part in a protest against israel's actions how do you think europeans view what israel is actually doing. i think what we see now is a quick solidarity developing and still also because we are used to remember what happened of two thousand two thousand and nine. sproat first protest here in brussels in a poor in-ring really the worst day in all the year i think about more than three hundred came up in front of the european parliament so i think quickly based on the
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experiences that we have with. aggression against gaza people are ready to come to the streets and to protest and to show solidarity with the palestinian people who are a victim of this aggression yeah that's the people but what about western governments do you think they're ready to react in any active way so far we've only heard words . that's what's the key thing of you took concerning his words and not having to have it to do something. they deplored the victims at cetera but for us it's clear that finally has to take a stand i. think they have the power to do something to. give some sanctions against israel that can hurt them. but sure the people will have to pressure them they will not do with themselves the figures themselves are quite staggering we've seen some five hundred children dying gal's as
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a result of israel's past military operations do you believe the west actually knows what is going on to the young in this region. i'm sure they know what's going on their whole smart enough to be well aware i just think that the interests that have. working together with this very high and that this is the cause why neglect. and it's neglecting what's happening. and why do you think israel continues on string with force regardless of the damage that it's inflicting on its inflicting mainly on the civilian population as we've been hearing. the blockade of gaza are still there the checkpoints are still. children get killed
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and arrested. in the occupied territories now with the escalation it comes in the new more abroad and more people are interested or wanting to hear what's happening but i think it's nothing new the numbers call for palestinian children in israeli prisons grew up to seven hundred. every. child killed there are fifty palestinian children killed so it's nothing new but feels no pressure to change what they are doing now and so they try to hit as hard as it people. mario franson from the movement for international solidarity thank you for your time today. you can find all the latest developments figures on videos relating to israel's military operation in gaza on our website r t v dot com . german
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police are reportedly investigating a new case of espionage involving a defense ministry employee suspected of spying for washington last week another german intelligence worker was arrested in berlin he turned out to be a double agent working for the u.s. peter oliver has been following the story on wednesday morning the federal prosecutors raided the office and home of a defense ministry employee lynn they were looking for any evidence that this employee had passed information on to the united states he's currently facing questioning from the this employees currently facing questioning from the attorney general we'll be waiting to find out if any more information comes out about this but what we do know is that the u.s. . the anniston was summoned to the foreign ministry here in berlin in relation to this ongoing investigation well it's just the the latest in
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a listen the of spying scandals here in germany just last week we saw in the security services employee of the b. and b. being arrested and charged with having passed on documents to the n.s.a. for cash now he's currently in prison awaiting trial for that it's understood in reports in the media here that the two on linked that the arrest last week isn't directly linked to what we've seen on wednesday but it's just another example of us spying taking place here in germany. the revelations of the u.s. spying on one of its closest allies are now a regular fixture in the german media washington consistently says sorry but as soon caught doing exactly the same thing again earlier cos river spoke to an emotion former m i five agent turned whistleblower she says the u.s. wants to bring back its spying dominance seen during the cold war era. it seems that on the one hand the usa wants all the allies to work with them on this global
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war on terror but on the other hand they still want the old days where they can spy on other countries and their national sovereignty with impunity they can have it both ways take a look at some figures you'll see that a recent poll actually showed that around half of the germans want to see their country become less dependent on the us do you think that this is all you linked to the spy in claims i think this has been a huge spur to this impetus these exposures are going to show that the germans need to push back as indeed has been reported today that they are going to start spying in a retaliatory fashion in order to at least ensure their own national sovereignty but it would be nice as well to see them really put in place laws and influence the european environment as well to protect all european citizens prissie over the internet over communications and i would hope that germany will see this continuing gross infringement of its national sovereignty as the spur to encourage their country and the rest of europe to move away and start using open source to protect
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our rights as citizens of the e.u. a recent report breach film release of edward snowden who cleans the n.s.a. has been keeping an eye on five politically active muslim americans the surveillance took place even though there is zero evidence any of them are connected to terrorism or correspondent portnoy or as more. a recent report based on the leaks of edward snowden claims the national security agency has been keeping an eye on five politically active muslim americans according to the intercept and investigative news outlet the government surveillance took place even though there was zero evidence that any of the prominent men were connected to terrorism now the five men targeted include an attorney who represents clients in terrorism related cases a professor at rutgers university a former professor at california state university the executive director of care which is the largest muslim civil rights organization in america and lastly
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a long time republican party operative who actually held a top secret security clearance and served in the department of homeland security during the bush administration now according to the intercept the n.s.a. and f.b.i. covertly monitor the e-mails of all the men under a secret under secretive procedures used to target terrorists and foreign spies journalist glenn greenwald who broke this story says this is one of the most important revelations to come from snowden's leaks because it actually puts a face on the n.s.a. surveillance overreach and illustrates that domestic spying abuses usually target minorities marginalizes groups and dissidents now the n.s.a. told the intercept that their surveillance was not based solely on speech however additional explanation or justification for targeting american citizens based on their job or political activity well that was not provided by the u.s. . a little later in the program we'll take you in
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a trip to the bahamas to find out just to annoy people or that the end they say house recorded every single phone call made in the audience and more coming up after a short break. revealing the whole world. this is what we do we kill people and break things we can see something as simple as people playing soccer games you can see individual players and you can see that . you can only see is facial expression you can see he is now open and crying out. maybe he cursed us or maybe he asked.
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for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or in. the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion since your. party is in the. push is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our team. approaching fifteen minutes into the program welcome back ukraine's president visited the scene of the fiercest fighting during kiev crackdown on government
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protesters in the east petro poroshenko praised efforts to liberate the city but these are the images which are the result of those efforts a team of international monitors just visited. the city lies in ruins locals believe only hiding in basements save their lives. but boy look at the crunch numbers must put on the most vocal of the photo shoot only their thumb office before our story property and movie commission i did to buy you from somebody out there with a course or one two or three my union has no shame up to you to see the next stops for the ukrainian army are two of the largest cities in the east the next lugansk both have suffered artillery attacks now the president has personally ordered a blockade in the latest raid on lugansk at least two people were killed and apartment buildings ruined financially is there for us. if we don't leave the hotel without pull it through objectives both sides may be they will not talk
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presidential areas but he says that can different. shells land in the city center the gun. is dangerous for life today. so not ready but citizens here have little protection against mortar rounds and those who didn't leak face constant danger. over the last three days the city's residential areas have been paid each time we civilian casualties. this is the scene of the mayster recent attack we saw at least two craters on the road there and there and as you can see this building was damaged well it used to be one of the city's banks and it could barely be a target of whoever is behind this attack. as we're filming we hear about another shelling locals say it was near a call that no one got hurt. so. the fire just going out to the balcony and
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then i heard glass breaking and i realized we are being attacked. i don't know what to do where to hide or where they're going to fire from the next time they go to invite us to or tease to be his home broken glass litter was the floor. or the windows and we go to these two room apartment have been shattered. i just got up and opened up the window then it came both sides blame the other for the violence but whoever is responsible the violence is real and fear is spreading lugansk the second largest city in it's in ukraine eighty used to be home to more than four hundred thousand people these days you can see it looks like a ghost town it's not just shops bangs and restaurants that have closed their doors . post offices to have shot so has the local police office a group of men gathers next to a bank in the center they're all workers lining to take out cash on payday they
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don't trust the banks not keen to speak to journalists are there. basically the people do not want to talk they're angry nervous it's understandable original party is to ukraine. but various constantly posting updates on what's happening in lugansk on her twitter feed you can follow her knowledge she documents life under siege. and russia's foreign minister has called the capture of a russian citizen in the maldives a kidnapping if. this is a clear case of the kidnapping of a russian citizen in a third country the united states should warn us of any suspicions they have about russian citizens but that hasn't happened. over your remarks to lease me off a russian m.p. son was dropped by u.s. agents on suspicion of stealing credit card information ortiz guy nature can take
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us through the event. monsoon is no family vacation in the moldy came to an abrupt end when the u.s. secret service captured him before whisking him off to a u.s. base in guam the u.s. however had little to say about the circumstances of his arrest there were accusations made at the department of justice case certainly there was no kidnapping involved i'm not sure maybe kidnapping is a bit too strong but if someone is in the capital trying to get on a flight to russia and somehow they're spirited away and they end up in. charge of the. you know. abduction. i'm just not going to have more in this case the aftermath moscow says city's newest attention is a kidnapping so there's no father who is a russian state duma deputy believes it could be a scheme to trade his son for it would snow that but lawyers are doubtful mr
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snowden has been granted asylum status in russia i don't know. that the u.s. would engage nor do i not believe really that russia would engage in any sort of an exchange with those two particular individuals there's no extradition treaty between russia and the u.s. i would say that ourselves client. a russian pilot was captured in liberia and sent to the u.s. where he was convicted of drug trafficking thailand allowed the u.s. to take hold of victor boot the russian arms dealer proxy of seizing russian citizens abroad in third countries and then bringing them into the jurisdiction of the united states has become quite common the u.s. has captured citizens of many countries with this kind of snap extradition extraordinary renditions have been common practice since nine eleven and detainees rights of a brutally being violated these north was shipped to guam and although the island
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is in possession of the united states the u.s. constitution does not fully apply there which raises more questions as to what rights. i have while he's there in washington i'm going to check on our team. iraq's ambassador to the u.n. is warning armed militants from the group calling itself islamic states are known control of a chemical site near baghdad the vicinity holes around twenty five hundred rockets filled with the deadly crn gas charles shu bridge a former counterterrorism intelligence officer in the u.k. fears the international community underestimates the potential threat. now appears to be the case that if not chemical weapons then certainly some of the ingredients necessary to produce these weapons have now indeed falling into the hands of what used to be called i system most extreme form of terrorist group one might say that on the other on one hand it's of super tension embarrassing to united states and indeed the u.k.
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because after all these countries went to war invaded iraq purportedly to prevent chemical weapons and other w m d from falling into the hands of would be terrorists out on the surface is what seems to have happened here but on the other hand the u.s. has a say says that these chemical. militarily used would be dangerous to the terrorists in these very but nonetheless it's with this kind of hazardous material one might think that there would be could be some potential danger some potential use for these chemicals in the future after all if that wasn't the case why were they being guarded in the first place. run forty refugees have occupied germans tallest germany's tallest structure berlin's t.v. tower the asylum seekers who came from different parts of germany staged a sit in inside the cafe on the observation deck they are protesting against their potential deportation and claim the authorities have neglected them for years denying the right to education and work the streets run to the tower on are not
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letting anyone in you are looking now at live pictures from ripley video agency. right that's it from me for now in the meantime as promised nimrod came around his documentary about n.s.a. spying in the bahamas that iran. like i always wonder will the n.s.a. listening to my conversations. he's a place where i know for sure that they do that place is called the bahamas i went to not so pick up the city to investigate. i mean the fact that sixty minute it's just going to make up for oh i'm. sure. she's just. learned there is a misunderstanding there. diminish the full financial services seems comfortable
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about the whole idea well mr finance i mean there's nothing to do with you so we say it's economic surveillance of though like the popping in the phone. you're paying for bailing the whole world. and you just told me to see the phone company to stop it would be easy but yeah i meant to send a letter signed to rise up. but you. know i'm not i'm not you know billionaire is part of what i'm going to say. i'm trying. basically so you're going to give a speech about the whole government surveillance thing. would you say like the us told you it's all good enough it will be about or i would say that this go over. the n.s.a. surveillance of us about it like when the phone minister is about to give a speech in parliament saying that he got some reassurances from the u.s.
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or something like that there are certain issues because of national security that we may not know. there may be certain instances. that that may be warrant some type ever made. gathering but when it comes down to the. breaking of the privacy rules not individual individuals so innocent individuals that's a whole different story so we need to look at that we need to consider that we need more information from our government that much should know what's going on and they ought to tell the gaming people from a time when we are in a position to make a determination as to babyhood you know like i'm giving people n.s.a. stickers all right give you some just to put on your phone so you know well yeah. the people of the bahamas okupe might call him a squid a protest fulfill some from a. deputy prime minister of the business said we didn't give our
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consent but that is not the same thing as i don't know yeah so the question we have is like with full brightness exactly the possibility of a review of one of the many reasons why we're we're demonstrating today if you knew us put them in a godor one of them perhaps it could be anything it could be that they just turned a blind eye without being without being so often in small countries like this you think well you know if united states wants to do it and we're not going to get in trouble you are going to have an effect that's going to. dismiss is suing the u.s. government and my right to privacy have been violated i don't know an awful lot of me i knew your i did know you know they work and there are members there are certain responsibility had to do or you know go follow the country i know this and have not put a. drop. on him a senator and i didn't pay anything just to listen to people's phone pose as
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a whole in the bahamas or becomes about this is was it ok to listen to people i was like yeah. ok this is this demonstration we really want more information that you know the cabin of the bahamas can contain important information that should be shared with the citizens very long track. the make sure. people. suitable to see your country. people have it. we see it every day to see the public airwaves to get coverage of the social. many people in russia to believe that the reset was essentially never improving their relations it was rather. a neighboring be a graphic and foreign policy of the united states one year
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a poll in free the phrase of george h.w. bush in one thousand nine hundred two migrated during the course of the clinton administration then the george w. bush administration and finally through the obama administration into a mishmash of ideas about expanding american idealistic intentions of expanding nato right up to russia's borders. to least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing story to tell you. he's been trying. to find out more visit.
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your friend post a photo from of the you can't for. the different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep. ignoring. the post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed. the media leave us so we leave to be. by the same motion suit your. party there's a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our team. in the knees today and made signs of montrose far worse a secret peace treaty between.


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